CP87 Windrow Conditioner

The FLORY CP87 Conditioner can reduce drying time and eliminate trash to deliver a cleaner product. All-in-one cleaning is what you get with the CP87’s two cleaning chains, stick remover and tapered V-Blade. Now with a self contained hydraulic system for easier tractor hookup and operation.

Self contained hydraulic system powers the shaft drives
Twin-rod cleaning chains for durability and extra cleaning
Interchangeable parts with the Flory 860 harvester
Condition your crop any time of the season
    - Won’t leave you stranded when the weather is wet
De-Stick and deposit the sticks at the end of each row
Less dust due to over 5300 square inches of gravity cleaning
High Volume / Low Velocity suction fan
V-Blade levels the ground before laying the nuts back down
Gate to shut off flow of crop at the end of the row
    - Eliminates hand raking



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