Environmental Health & Safety Manager: This critical role includes the ability to cultivate, promote and continuously improve a “safety first” culture among company employees. This position is responsible for managing our current safety procedures and analyzing processes to find any areas that need improvement. Other duties as the Environmental Health & Safety Manager is to maintain accurate records and ensure that our company is compliant with new up to date Safety & Environmental Policies and Procedures.

Environmental Health & Safety Manager Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Develop and manage a Health and Safety committee
  • Manage Workers Compensation program
  • Maintains expertise in environmental matters for the company and develops and audits programs that ensure compliance
  • Represents the company during OSHA inspections
  • Ensuring managers and supervisors have the appropriate safety and health; accident prevention; and investigation training
  • Ensures that work is performed in accordance with approved manuals, internal policies and procedures and good engineering practices
  • Inspects the facility to identify safety, health, and environmental risks
  • Work with HR to set up & conduct safety training sessions for new and current employees.
  • Adhere to all the rules and regulations
  • Develops and Implements inspection policies, procedures & a schedule of routine inspections
  • Develops health and safety procedures for all areas of the company
  • Prepare and present reports on accidents and violations and determine causes
  • Provides management team with guidance on health and safety to ensure that all employees are following State & Federal OSHA regulations

Skills & Requirements:

  • Physically able to conduct inspections and carry equipment used for inspections
  • Excellent knowledge of potentially hazardous materials or practices
  • Writing policies and procedures for health and safety
  • Conduct data analysis and reporting statistics
  • Proficient in MS Office
  • Extensive knowledge of environmental regulations and policies
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Proficient in technology and equipment used in environmental inspections

Education & Experience:

  • 7 years of experience as Environmental Health & Safety Manager 
  • Certificate in occupational health and safety (OSHA Certificate)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Safety and/or related field required; Master's Degree desirable


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